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Luxury double room

This luxury double room, featuring one double bed, offers a breathtaking view of the garden. It is situated on the second floor of the hotel, providing a tranquil and serene atmosphere for your stay.

Luxury double room with two beds

This luxury double room, featuring a comfortable double bed, offers a stunning sea view from its location on the first floor of the hotel. Enjoy the soothing sound of the waves and the picturesque scenery right from your room

The size of this double room is approximately 30 square meters, providing a comfortable space for guests. The room is equipped with furniture, a TV, and a refrigerator, adding to the luxurious experience. Additionally, guests can enjoy the convenience of wireless internet connectivity during their stay.

Four-bed room (duplex)

The hotel offers spacious and scenic four-bed rooms located on the fourth floor. These rooms are designed in a duplex style, with the ground floor measuring around 30 square meters and the mezzanine approximately 15 square meters. The best part? These rooms face both the beautiful sea and the captivating garden, providing guests with stunning views throughout their stay.

The four-bed rooms located on the fourth floor offer a comfortable arrangement with two single beds on the ground floor and one double bed on the middle floor. These rooms come fully equipped with furniture, a TV, and a refrigerator, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable stay for guests. Additionally, wireless internet access is available in these rooms, allowing guests to stay connected throughout their stay.

Three bed room

The three-bed rooms of the hotel are situated on the first floor and offer a cozy accommodation option. These rooms feature a combination of one double bed and one single bed, providing ample sleeping space for guests. What’s more, guests staying in these rooms can enjoy two different views – one facing the mesmerizing sea and the other overlooking the serene garden. This offers guests a choice to indulge in either the calming oceanic scenery or the tranquil garden ambiance during their stay.

The three-bed rooms in this hotel, located on the first floor, are generously sized at approximately 36 square meters. These rooms are well-equipped with essential amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. Inside, you will find furniture that provides both functionality and comfort, along with a TV for your entertainment needs. Additionally, a refrigerator is available in these rooms, allowing guests to conveniently store food and beverages.

Moreover, guests staying in these rooms can enjoy the convenience of wireless internet access. This enables you to stay connected, browse the web, and attend to your online needs from the comfort of your room. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, having wireless internet available enhances your overall experience during your stay at the hotel.

Cabana (Beach Suite)

The beach villas of the hotel, which have two bedrooms, are located in the outer area of the hotel and near the beach. The distance from these suites to the hotel lobby is about 50 meters and to the beach and the large entertainment pier is about 100 meters.

Their approximate size is 35 square meters and furniture, television and refrigerator can be mentioned among the equipment inside these rooms.

The capacity of the two-bedroom beach villa is 6 people, which has the ability to provide 3 additional services. The way it is arranged is that there is a double bed in one bedroom and two single beds in the other bedroom and two single beds in the hall of this suite.

Royal Suite

Discover our exquisite royal suites at the hotel, featuring one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and royal duplex options. Indulge in the serene garden views from these luxurious suites situated on different floors

Experience our spacious and luxurious suites, starting from 60 square meters up to a generous 180 square meters in size. These well-appointed suites are equipped with furniture, a television, refrigerator, and even a foot massager for ultimate comfort.

Our two-bedroom suites comfortably accommodate up to 6 people and offer 3 additional services. The layout includes a double bed in one bedroom, two single beds in the other bedroom, and two single beds in the living area.

For smaller groups, our one-bedroom suites accommodate up to 4 people and provide 2 additional services. These suites feature two single beds in the living area and a cozy double bed in the bedroom.

If you’re looking for a unique experience, our two-bedroom duplex suite accommodates up to 6 people and offers 2 additional services. This suite boasts a two-story layout with bedrooms on the upper floor and a spacious living area on the ground floor. One of the bedrooms features a double bed, while the other has two single beds.

Cabana (beach suite)

Introducing our exclusive beach suites, also known as cabanas, situated in the serene outer area of our hotel, just a stone’s throw away from the beach. With a convenient distance of approximately 50 meters from the hotel lobby, you can easily access these luxurious accommodations. And for beach lovers, the beach is a mere 150 meters away from your doorstep.

Welcome to our beach suites! These exquisite accommodations offer three types of rooms, just like the main building of our hotel. You can choose from our comfortable two-bed suites, spacious three-bed suites, or our generously sized four-bed suites. Each room boasts an approximate size of 35 square meters, ensuring ample space for relaxation and comfort.

Inside these rooms, you’ll find a range of amenities to enhance your stay. Expect to discover well-appointed furniture, a television for your entertainment needs, and a refrigerator to keep your refreshments cool and easily accessible.

Double room

The two-bed rooms at our hotel offer a choice between double accommodations (featuring one double bed) or twin arrangements (featuring two single beds). Located on the second and third floors of our hotel, these rooms provide a comfortable and convenient stay for our guests.

Experience the utmost relaxation and tranquility in our well-appointed two-bed rooms, designed to meet your preferences and ensure a restful night’s sleep.

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