Catering Centers

Shambler Restaurant

Main restaurant

  It is the main restaurant of the Shayan hotel , offering a diverse breakfast buffet and a delicious à la carte lunch

This restaurant can accommodate up to 250 people  and caters to guests for breakfast, lunch, and dinner . Enjoy breathtaking views of the mesmerizing Persian Gulf

Coffee shop and fast food

Indulge in the delightful ambiance of our hotel’s coffee shop . With a capacity of 40 people in the hall and 40 people on the terrace, enjoy a wide selection of hot and cold drinks , accompanied by the soothing melodies of a live piano . We’re dedicated to serving our esteemed guests 24/7

The hotel’s fast food outlet is conveniently situated in the same location, serving a variety of pizzas, sandwiches, and more from 14:00 to 24:00.

Shayan Hotel Cafe

Traditional restaurant and canteen in the open area

The restaurant or canteen is situated in the outdoor area behind the hotel, next to the pool and fountain. They serve a wide range of traditional dishes, grilled options, and also offer hookahs

The combination of the view  of palm trees  and grass  next to the pool  and the hotel  has created a memorable and picturesque  frame.

Amphitheater hall

The amphitheater hall of the hotel is without a doubt one of the best and most beautiful halls in Kish. It has a capacity of 230 people and modern facilities, making it very suitable for holding events and occasions.

The entrance to this hall is accessible from the hotel lobby and features a lobby area and a private reception.

Conference Room

The conference hall or meeting room of the hotel is a unique and ideal choice for hosting meetings and events in Kish. With a capacity of 21 people and modern facilities, it offers a comfortable and convenient space for gatherings.

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